NOTA Threatens To Beat Up Kwesta – Here’s Why

South African music executive NOTA Baloyi has had enough of Kwesta, the rapper with whom he used to run a record label called RapLyf, and now he has threatened to beat Kwesta up whenever he runs into him.

The two used to have a good working relationship, but they fell out amid claims and counterclaims of embezzlement and corruption. Since then, they have been lobbing grenades at each other online whatever opportunity they have.

The conflict took up a fiery turn recently after Kwesta noted during an appearance on Podcast and Chill with MacG that he was never NOTA’s artist, contrary to what NOTA was claiming all over the place. He insisted he was never signed to NOTA.

He claimed that Kwesta was lying. He has always insisted on being the one who nurtured Kwesta and made the rapper who he later became – one of South Africa’s most popular hip-hop artists.

In a tweet response to Kwesta’s claims during the podcast interview, he described the “Ngud” rapper as a pathological liar and threatened to beat him up for his kids to see. You can check out his tweet below.

Nota Threatens To Beat Up Kwesta - Here'S Why 2

Well, we will be here to bring you details of the fight if it should happen.

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