NOTA Under Fire For Disparaging Tweet Against Brenda Fassie

Infamous for always speaking his mind on whatever he believes in, South African music executive NOTA Baloyi has done it again, eliciting contempt and anger from some sections of social media. What really happened?

A popular Twitter user Known as This Is Colbert had shared a clip of one of Brenda Fassie’s songs and noted that it was a fine number – a timeless offering that would touch the soul of anyone who listen to it. He ended up describing her as an icon.

Reacting to the post, NOTA had kicked against her being called an icon, insisting that a “star” is a better word to describe her because she was “a terrible human being” who exposed her only song Bongani Fassie to the drug life.

He posited that Brenda Fassie was not just an addict but exposed her only son to the same life, which is affecting him today. You can check out his tweet below.

In some parts of Africa, it is said that one shouldn’t speak ill of the dead. But it appears that NOTA does not subscribe to the same line of thought. And a couple of missiles have dropped on his head online since he made the tweet.

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