Nota’s Controversial Verdict On Rappers Becoming TV Presenters

Known for always speaking his mind, controversial culture critic and music executive Lavida poured out his thoughts once again, detailing why he thinks rappers should not be television presenters.

was in conversation with May Zulu, the co-host of his Everybody Hates podcast on YouTube when he revealed his thoughts on rappers and their presenting adventures.

He said when AKA popped as the host of The Braai Show, he was like,  well, this is because of the lockdown. But when it became a TV show, he thought it was the end of the music career of the “Fela in Versace” star. He insists becoming a presenter is a dumb move for any musician.

He used kwaito legend 7 as an example. He stated that the songster was already famous as a musician. But his adventure into the world of presenting watered down his music fame. Now people barely recognize the songster was once a famous music figure.

Amy was of the view Cassper Nyovest, who was picked as the host of The Braai Show in its second season, can call pull this off and remain relevant. But thinks otherwise.

You can check out the detailed video conversation below to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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