Nozipho In The Storm Of Zola Ntshangase’s Second-Wife Ambitions

zola ntshangase and nozipho

People get into relationships hoping for the vest. But sometimes things don’t go the way they wish or project. They are left battling this reality, trying to process what went down and what could have been.

Those who have been following The Mummy Club can point to an abundance of evidence to buttress this reality. The stories from those on the set of the show amplify this truth.

Here, though, the focus is on Nozipho, who is married to Zola Ntshangase. Zola is out to live his life as a “traditional African man” with more than one wife. This means that while Nozipho maintains her spot, she wouldn’t be the only one in the house. This was never discussed at the outset when they were getting married.

He only told her about his intentions when she was six weeks postpartum, back in 2022. It was one hell of a shock and one from which she is still trying to recover.

This wasn’t what she signed up for, so her attorney has gotten involved. Her husband reportedly can’t get married without her consent as the first wife. So what should she do? Object and risk getting an outright divorce or sticking it out and living with the pain that she’s sharing her husband?

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