NPA Dismisses Lady Zamar’s Rape Case Against Sjava

“Sjava raped me,” Lady Zamar had declaimed a while back. “I didn’t rape her,” Sjava had countered. Thus began a game of accusations and denials between the two celebrated musos.

At some point even Sjava’s mother had intervened, wondering why anyone would accuse her son of such grievous allegations without substantiating it. She had denounced the media crucifixion of her son, calling him innocent.

Well, the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA) has just thrown out the rape case against Sjava. The Sowetan reports that the case was thrown out because the evidence does “not support successful prosecution.”

Although Sjava had shared a video denying he raped the “Butterfly” singer, he has been mum following the throwing out of the case against him. And so has his management.

Lady Zamar herself is yet to comment on the throwing out of her case for lack of evidence to facilitate a prosecution.

The news of the throwing out of the case agains Sjava has elicited mixed reactions from South Africans. While some applauded the throwing out of the case, others are adamant Lady Zamar has been denied justice.

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