Ntando Duma Addresses Claims She Is Opening A Daycare

Yes, Ntando Duma has got a project in the works but it is certainly not what many have in mind and certainly not what was reported recently on social media and blogs. It was claimed back then that she was working on opening a daycare which would be named after her only daughter, Sbahle Mzizi.

Well, she has just addressed those reports, clarifying that while she indeed has a project in the works, it is not a daycare as earlier reported – just a kiddie’s project.

During a recent interview, she verified that indeed she was playing a project that would be named after her daughter – Sbahle Siyakhula – She however rubbished claims that it would be a daycare. She only volunteered that it would be a project centred around kids but refused to give details about it.

She also noted that she was shocked when she heard the news that she would be opening a creche. It is just not in the works for her, For those clamouring for her to give more clues about what is coming, she insisted that she would reveal that at the right time.

So, until then, the general public and her fans would have to keep their eyes peeled and stay tuned for updates.

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