Ntando Duma Builds Her Mama A House

Media star, Ntando Duma builds her mother a house.

It is amazing seeing people achieve success in the things they do, and also be able to give back to the people they love. Every now and again, an Mzansi celeb shares photos of their proud parents and how they make them smile with their riches.

The very delightful Ntando Duma is the latest celeb to do so. Taking to Instagram, she shared photos of a new house she’s building for her mother. That really melted our hearts. In the photo, she posts on the fence and shows off the beauty which is still under construction.

Ntando Duma is really getting that bag to be able to pull this off. Her mother must be so proud of her. Various followers took to the comments section to congratulate her on achieving this. Jessica Nkosi also commented on the post saying “you make me so proud!!!!”.

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