Ntando Duma Exposed By Shimza Over Mother’s Day Gift From Junior De Rocka – “You bought those things yourself”

Shimza drags Ntando Duma over gifts she got from her baby daddy.

Ntando Duma took to social media to share the gifts she got from her baby daddy for Mother’s Day. DJ Shmiza in turn commented on her page that, she was lying and got the gifts herself. Ntando Duma not having any of it, laughed it off and asked if that was how his baby mama also lies about gifts he hands her. The DJ later apologized to Ntando Duma:


Later Ntando Duma’s Baby daddy Junior De Rocka confirmed he got her the gifts, sharing her picture on his instagram story.

Ntando Duma seems to be having a wonderful time during the lockdown, recall few days back she got a Covid-19 relief fund alert from EEF. This was a way of supporting artists that have been loyal and supported them in the past and Ntando Duma happened to be one of them.

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