Ntando Duma Says She Wants Michael B. Jordan As A Birthday Gift

Ntando Duma says her desired birthday gift is Michael B. Jordan

Ntando Duma reveals she wants American actor, Michael B. Jordan as her desired birthday gift.

Popular media personality and actress, Ntando Duma is turning 25 in two weeks and still looking gorgeous. The Mzansi star is asking for just one thing this year, and it isn’t diamonds. She wants American actor and producer, Michael B. Jordan as a birthday gift.

Yo, if you’ve got his mobile number, give it here. Literally everyone who is a fan of the “Queen” actress knows about her crush on the “Black Panther” star. While Jordan’s sexual orientation has been in question for sometime now, Ntando does not seem fazed at all.

She revealed in a series of tweets, that she is still very much into him despite the rumours. The rumours arose when a former house assistant alleged that the actor had flirted with him with intention to initiate an intimate relationship. Hopefully, someone let’s him know she’s into him.

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