Ntando Duma’s Twerk Skills Has Mzansi Sweating

Mzansi star, Duma has Mzansi sweating as she twerks up a storm in new video.

If you followed when Duma celebrated her birthday a little while ago, just know she isn’t done celebrating. According to the former “The Queen” actress, “the celebration continues”.

You may have noticed how much she has been putting in more work lately. has been taking on hosting duties and executing them quite well. Of course, she is in a whole mood, and that’s why we love her. The sexy mother of one recently shared a photo of herself hosting an event.

In the same post, she proved she is the life of the party with a clip of herself showing off her twerking skills. Of course, we and everyone else who has seen approve. You should go check the clip out below. It might just put you in the right mood for the weekend.

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