Ntando Issued A Protection Order By Her Neighbour

Mzansi star Ntando Duma was issued a protection order by her neighbour after a falling out between them.

Ntando is in the news due to a falling out with one of her neighbours at her estate. The two argued over a children’s play area in their estate. Zimoja reports that the star appeared briefly at the Randburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday, 26 February 2024, and the case was postponed to 8 April.

The publication writes that the neighbour applied for a protection order against Ntando on 14 November, which was granted. Ntando did not show up for the first court appearance on 6 December. She was handed her domestic work by SAPS to sign the proof of service over the phone, but the magistrate did not accept.

She was later served by hand. On 30 January 2024, she did not appear during her second appearance. The magistrate postponed the matter because she claimed to be ill. Zimoja reports that a source said Ntando arrived with a new attorney, which she allegedly appointed at the last hour of her third appearance on 12 February. She also filed a protection order against the man.

The source narrated the reason for their altercation as being that children (including Ntando’s daughter) were playing in an area where they could be harmed. They said,

“The children were running around at the complex parking lot unsupervised.”

The neighbour told the children not to play in the parking lot. “The children obviously went to report to their parents, who came to confront us in the roadway. This led to shouting between us, and Duma’s lady friend verbally abused us”

He said she called them “Jou ma se p$%#, and you bi%#$@.” He also  described Ntando as “self-obsessed and narcissistic.”

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