Ntando Duma Charms Mzansi With Dance Moves At EFF Rally

Mzansi actress Ntando Duma caught the attention of the Rainbow Nation again. This time, it isn’t because local comedian Lasizwe cupped her boobs. Nah.

Her dance moves had Mzansi screaming in excitement. The scene was an EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) rally, and the actress was seriously into the music being played.

And when she bust into a move, Mzansi was like, she killed it. You know there are rallies and there are rallies. And EFF gatherings are usually high-energy events that leave no room for boredom.

So Ntando Duma Mzansi wooing peeps with her dance moves at the rally is nothing surprising. She has always shown support to the red collective, which has been supporting her in turn.

For instance, when the coronavirus was biting hard and many artistes were out of jobs because of the gig drought that followed that global catastrophe, she had routinely acknowledged receiving aid from the political party.

She isn’t the only artiste who had showed up for the EFF, though. Just recently, Big Zulu had performed at a rally of the beret-wearing collective, leading many in South Africa to mock the ruling ANC (African National Congress) and insist the party cannot afford the “Mali Eningi” hitmaker.

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