Ntsiki Shares Her Controversial Opinion About Shauwn Mkhize On Social Media

Ntiski shares her opinion on the way Shauwn flaunts her riches on her reality show.

South African musician, Ntsiki Mazwai, is displeased with what she watches on Shauwn Mkhize’s reality show debut.

The talented musician believes that no one should be proud of showing off their wealth. It would be worse if a majority of the wealth was acquired through politics.

When a person is wealthy, there will always be people that will have a little bit of envy for the wealthy person. Shauwn Mkhize, with her reality show, has made many South Africans feel this way as they wish they have even a tenth of the wealthy star’s wealth.

Ntsiki Mazwai is displeased because of the way Shauwn Mkhize shows off her wealth for the world to see.

The musical artist took to her Twitter page to share her thoughts about Shauwn’s reality show debut. She also took to social media to share her views about people showing off their riches.

She is of the opinion that people who are poor in mind and spirit will want to show off their wealth. Ntiski further stated that people show off their wealth because their spirit has taken over their poverty minds. She stressed that people who are very comfortable with their wealth do not seek people’s validations.

Talking about Shauwn’s story, she said that it didn’t look inspiring. She also stated that the fact that Shauwn Mkhize made her money through political connections made her more disappointed.

The musician also has an issue with individuals occupying a house that is as big as that of Shauwn’s because she cannot understand the logic behind it.

In her opinion, Shauwn Mkhize should build a school instead of living in a mansion that is as big as a school!

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