Ntsiki Mazwai Apologises For Doubting Lady Zamar’s Rape Allegations Against Sjava

Ntsiki Mazwai apologises to doubting Lady Zamar's rape allegations againt ex-boyfriend, Sjava

shares apology for doubting Lady Zamar’s rape allegations against ex-boyfriend, Sjava.

We dont know if you’ve heard by Mzansi poet and activist, is taking a stand against a lot of the crimes committed against women. She isn’t letting anything hinder her from doing so, not even previous tweets from her discrediting another woman’s alleged rape story.

In June, the popular activist was reported to have insinuated that Mzansi singer, Lady Zamar was telling lies against her ex-boyfriend, Sjava. She had tweeted at the time “Guys, if Lady Zamar lied about rape, then what is the way forward?” which led to a lot of backlash. Some followers called her out for siding Sjava because he’s a celebrity.

Now, realizing her mistake, the Mzansi star is apologising for it. Taking to Twitter, she stated that she understands what everyone who spoke against the tweet meant. She also apologized for it.

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