Ntsiki Mazwai Calls NOTA A “Scoundrel,” Regrets Bashing Women With Weaves

Controversial poet and anti-GBV advocate Ntsiki Mazwai is somewhat contrite having realised she must have erred when she criticised women for wearing weaves.

In a recent tweet, Mazwai, who’s infamous for always speaking her mind irrespective of what anyone might think, criticised women for not sticking to nature but embracing weaves.

In a related development, Lavida NOTA, himself a controversial figure in the South African entertainment space, had hitched onto her criticism and criticised women for wearing weaves as well. His intervention didn’t sit well with Ntsiki Mazwai, who rolled out another tweet to admit she must have enabled NOTA.

In her tweet, she noted that she must have enabled others, including “scoundrels” like NOTA to start abusing women for their weaves. Women’s hair shouldn’t be men’s business, she stated, but she regrets that she had made men believe it is – she. You can check out her tweet below.

Ntsiki Mazwai Calls Nota A &Quot;Scoundrel,&Quot; Regrets Bashing Women With Weaves 2

NOTA and Ntsiki Mazwai have often been compared to birds of a feather in the sense that they always have opinions on anything and everything and have no qualms expressing the same in spite of what people might think. And they also have easy access to platforms to air their views.

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