Ntsiki Mazwai needs help leaving an abusive friend

reveals she needs help leaving an abusive friend.

Mzansi poet and activist has revealed that she’s in a bit of a bind. The outspoken poet recently took to to announce that she is currently in the process of leaving a friend she lives with. According to her, the friend recently started abusing substances and has changed from who she used to be.

She also revealed that her friend would smoke and drink all day and then suddenly become abusive. Ntsiki says she had to run from their home with only the clothes on her back. Now, she’s having problems getting her things back.

She also put out a notification that she’s looking for professional movers who would help transport her things from Mpumalanga to Soweto. The only problem is that she would have to pay in a month. If you know anyone who could help her out, please let her know.

The person I was staying with would drink and smoke all day and when she ran out she would become verbally abusive… So I left with only the clothes on my back and now my stuff is still stuck on the farm. It was an expense I didn’t plan for. I just need to get my stuff back.”

She went on to say: “I am looking for reliable and professional movers who will let me pay in about a month… For an IMMEDIATE move from Mpumalanga to Soweto. EMERGENCY.”

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