Ntsiki Mazwai Questions Difference Between Former President Zuma’s MK Party and the ANC

Famous poet and podcast host Ntsiki Mazwai questions the difference between former president Jacob Zuma’s new party, MK, and the ANC.

There has been so much talk since Msholozi introduced his party to the public MK. ANC members and other politicians have been against the new MK Party and have been quite vocal about it.

“MOYA” podcast host Ntsiki Mazwai recently took to social media and questioned the difference between the new party and the ANC. She wrote, “What’s the difference between this and ANC??”

Fans reacted to the question. @MbheleNkazimulo wrote, “I think if you can fairly compare the Zuma administration and the current administration with all the disadvantages and advantages they each have, you can see the difference.” @JoyLethabo8 replied, “Akere, it’s the new ANC since the old ANC is now a DA branch.”

Mazwai has previously addressed her alleged lawsuit by former business partner Vusi Leeuw, saying,

“I’ve never defamed anyone; I’ve never had a defamation case. This man doing a PR run with my name is somebody I formerly worked with, and it was a bad relationship. I think he feels I shouldn’t say it was a bad relationship and that I should keep quiet about how I was treated.”

“I have the right to freedom of expression, so I’m not going to be bullied and have my other law cases weaponized against me. Otherwise, I’m in a very good space.”

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