Ntsiki Mazwai Slammed for Questioning Beyonce’s Beauty

They may not want or like it, but the reality is that celebs will continue to be the business of many people out there. It is what it is.

Local poet and anti-GBV advocate Ntsiki Mazwai provoked controversy when he questioned ’s beauty, noting in a tweet that the idol is only considered pretty because of her light skin.

According to Mazwai, uses makeup and weaves, making her look pretty. But those are not Mazwai’s standards for beauty.

Known for always speaking her mind, Nksiki Mazwai’s latest outburst will not surprise those who have been following her public advocacies. She would speak her mind on any subject under the sun – most times riling other social media users.

Interestingly, is the second  Destiny’s Child member whose beauty has been called to question by a notable South African.

For instance, right now, media personality Anele Mdoda is infamous for calling Kelly Rowland, one of Destiny’s Child members, ugly. She had been savaged and called out for her opinion about the American, but she still holds her view.

Where Kelly Rowland allegedly trolls Anele in a subtle way for her opinions, it’s unlikely would respond to Mazwai. That is if she knows the South African.

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