Ntsiki Mazwai Talks Running Her Own Podcast MOYA

Podcasting is the rave these days, with people joining and sharing whatever they please. One of those who have embraced the world of podcasting is the controversial South African poet and anti-GBV advocate, Ntsiki Mazwai.

BNever one to keep quiet on a subject she feels strongly about, Ntsiki Mazwai recently shared her thoughts on the pros and cons of funding and running her own podcast, MOYA, in a recent tell-all interview. She also dwelled on the motivations behind the podcast.

According to her, she has always been interested in identity issues – and has always dwelled on the subject. So the podcast was her own way of exploring the same subject as she pleased. It is also a platform for other knowledgeable folks to share their knowledge and continue Africa’s long oral tradition.

She described the podcasting industry as new and herself as a learner in it. She recalled a past experience that shocked her and gave her insight as well. She was part of a podcast called Unpopular Opinion. It was her first, But then, when the podcast started monetising and making money, her partners locked her out of the podcast and ran with the money.

MOYA, she said, came from a place of hurt.

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