Ntsiki Mazwai Threatened By Lawyers After Sharing Alleged Rapists List

Ntsiki Mazwai receives threatening letters after sharing alleged rapists list

gets threatened by lawyers after sharing alleged rapists list.

has proven many times over that she isn’t one to back down on things that really matter. The popular poet and social activist isn’t letting that happen even with threats of lawsuits.

The ANC Women’s League has revealed that the popular activist has been threatened by lawyers to keep quite on matters related to rape and gender-based violence. On June 22nd, a post containing a list of alleged rapist was released as part of the #MeToo movement and it began trending on . Ntsiki took a screenshot of the list and also shared it to her .

Since sharing the list, she has received the backing of the ANCWL. According to the law, suspects can’t be revealed until they have appeared in court. ANCWL revealed that Ntsiki has received threatening letters from lawyers of the listed celebrities warning her to back off. The social activist also stated,

There is an alleged rapist making his lawyers intimidate me. They are forcing me to apologise and therefore making it seem like he is innocent. And he hasn’t gone to trial so I can’t apologise for him being accused of rape. Your lawyers just called me again – I will name you”

Thanking the Women’s League for supporting her she said,

“I call on the support of all women and society because if my voice is silenced then women are F**KED.”

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