Ntukza On Why He’s Hated For Leaving Teargas

Ntukza, a former member of the defunct South African band Teargas, has spoken up about the hate diredted his way foolowing his departurre from the group of three,

In a series of tweets, the songster said he didn’t know those he thought of as friends, as well as South African generally, could habour so much hate towards him. The hate was particularly intense after he left Teargas.

He may not have known the reason for the hate previously, but now he knows, according to him. A laughing emoji indicates he is amused by the hate directed at him.

Where he was clueless about the reason for the hate previously, he averred that he was hated just for being himself. He isn’t bothered by the hate, though. He’s just kept a clear head.

He credited his fans with keeping him sane, letting them know that he is working on more music for them. You can check out his tweets, which have spawn an interesting conversation, below.

What do you think of Ntukza’s thoughts on the reason for the hate following his Teargas exit? You may want to join the conversation by dropping your thoughts in the comment section below.

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