Ntukza Reacts To K.O’s Claims That They Are “Beefing” For Nothing

Ntukza has responded to the rapper K.O’s claims that they are beefing for nothing, noting in a series of tweets that the songster was lying. He indicated that K.O wronged him but has never been seriously ready to resolve their issues.

The controversy started after K.O released a new album which has “The Light” as one of the songs. In the song, the songster had rapped that Ntukza was a brother he needed in Teargas but that they were beefing for nothing. He added in the lyrics that he is letting bygones be bygones and moving on to greater things

In reaction to the claim, Ntukza, who rarely tweets these days, had popped into Twitter, where he rubbished K.O’s claim that they are beefing for nothing.

He indicated that K.O shared false information in the song and expected him to keep quiet about it – something that he wouldn’t let happen.

He also claimed that K.O had come to him in ears about a possible Teargas reunion (Teargas is a group to which they both belong, alongside Ma-E). He said he agreed to it, and K.O went and recorded a song about him after “Sete,” K.O’s jam with amapiano aceYoung Stunna, blew up.

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