Ntukza Says He Was Sidelined While In Teargas

Ntukza reveals he was constantly sidelined while in Teargas

Ntukza reveals he was constantly sidelined while he was a member of SA Hip Hop group, Teargas.

Former Hip Hop group, Teargas gained massive following back in the day. While many loved them and their music, we were all sad to hear that the group had split. For some reason, group member, Ntukza was blamed for the split.

Now, the Hip Hop star is finally speaking out about what really caused the split. He revealed that he constantly felt sidelined while the group was still in existence. Speaking to Mgosi, he stated that when making decisions, they operated like a democratic medium where the third party had to go along with whatever two agreed upon.

He also stated his happiness at the success that Ma-E and K.O have achieved with their music, and revealed he would like to see upcoming music keeping the legacy alive. He is quoted saying,

After our break up I received a lot of backlash from a lot of fans and other people within the very same industry. We wanted to do things using a democratic system – if two guys agree to something you must know the one that is left will just have to go with what has been voted by the other two

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