Ntukza Talks Negative Effect Of “Bars” On South African Hip Hop

There is never a shortage of opinions about South Africa’s evolving music universe. Almost everyone has something to say, and that includes the musicians themselves.

Well, local rapper Ntuzka has just shared his opinions about the state of South African hip-hop, insisting that “Bars” have had a negative impact on hip-hop. A situation where emphasis is placed on lyricism over dance appeal has not uplifted the genre.

The hip-hop genre, he believes, is quiet as a result. The songster, a member of the now-defunct Teargas rap group, made his thoughts known in a post on his Instagram Stories. The post was screenshot and shared on other platforms, giving it more traction. You can check it out below.

Ntukza Talks Negative Effect Of &Quot;Bars&Quot; On South African Hip Hop 2

Some of his compatriots shared his views while some think his views are debatable, as people only gravitate towards what they love, when the numbers are dance-worthy or not.

Ntuzka’s musical interventions these days are mostly sporadic. Since the collapse of the Teargas group, he had mostly laid low, choosing not to get too involved with a lot of things and people, including his former bandmates at Teargas.

Anyway, Mzansi is chill to know that he is still out there and that he still has strong opinions about the music industry.

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