Ntukza (Teargas) Wants Twitter Banned in Mzansi

Ntukza says Twitter should be banned in Mzansi.

While some are happy that social media has brought about a certain level of change in the country, some believe it has done more harm than good. One person who isnt afraid to share his thoughts on this is Mzansi rapper, Ntukza of Teargas fame.

The rapper recently took to the app to weigh in on it’s impact in the society, and decisions made by the government. According to him, Twitter is doing a “disservice” in South Africa. He then goes on to claim that kids are bored while asking that the app be shut down.

He also stated that the decisions made by the government are usually influenced by trends on the app. He believes that if Twitter is shut down, protests would not make it to the streets in the country. Do you agree with him? Let us know in the comments section.

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