Nue_sam – Hold Up (Beyonce Freestyle/Cover)

Nue_Sam treads new waters as she delivers new “Hold Up (Beyonce Freestyle/Cover)”.

A lot of us feel it would be so easy to make music because of how effortlessly others do it. It isn’t our fault. Mzansi boasts some of the best artistes and freestylers in the continent.

Nue_Sam reveals she got a taste of how difficult it is to make music when she tried recording herself. Lol. Now, that’s interesting. The talented artist shared a video of herself to social media recording “Hold Up (Beyonce Freestyle/Cover)”. She also revealed that she might make it into an actual song if people end up liking it.

She has been an interesting addition to the SA music industry since she showed up last year. Signed to Sjava and Ruff”s 1020 Cartel, she contributed to the label’s “iSambulo”. She has also caught a lot of ears with songs like “Vuyolwethu”, “Inhliziyo”, “Ungowami”, and “Incwadi Kababa”.

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