Nyaniso Dzedzde Opens Up About Mental Health Struggles

“Ashes To Ashes” star Nyaniso Dzedzde has opened up about his mental health struggles and advices people to be gentle in the festive season.

So much has been happening this year, and most have struggled to push through. Some of Mzansi’s biggest celebs have been open about their struggles this year. “Ashes To Ashes” actor Nyaniso Dzedzde is the latest to open up about his.

The star shared a video on his Instagram page where he spoke about his mental health struggles, an argument with his wife, and his childhood traumas. He said,

“I am not okay. I know I am not the only one that is not okay.”

She spoke about being guided by God through the phase,

“God is guiding us through a transformative phase. Even when faced with challenges that feel overwhelming, resist the urge to give up. God desires our healing, not further brokenness.

“I witnessed these feelings inside of me. I did not succumb. I am still acting, still married, still a father, and still alive. He advises people to be gentle on themselves this festive season as the suicide rate tends to peak. The festive season tends to pull out our greatest wounds and greatest hurts.”


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