Nyiko Accuses DJ Maphorisa of Exploiting Mlindo, Gets Accused of Same “Sin”

It has been said that those who live in glass houses should not throw stones or should do so with great caution else they might end up breaking their windows.

This saying might have proved true in the case of Nyiko, the road manager of the South African singer Mlindo The Vocalist.

In a recent rant on Facebook, DJ Maphorisa had claimed that Nyiko and Mlindo The Vocalist backstabbed him. According to the amapiano ace, Nyiko was broke but he set the path for his lifting and assigned him to Mlindo The Vocalist as road manager to the singer.

He claimed that both have since forgotten what he did for them and are behaving like he never was a part of their stories.

Nyiko dismissed DJ Maphorisa’s claims, however, claiming he was already established and worked with key voices in South African music around the period DJ Maphorisa claimed to have assigned him to Mlindo The Vocalist.

In an interview appearance on Podcast and Chill With MacG, Nyiko had claimed that DJ Maphorisa was actually exploiting Mlindo The Vocalist. He appeared to have exposed himself as exploiting Mlindo The Vocalist as well, and South Africans had a good laugh watching it. Check it out below.

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