Ocean Alley Musician Is Sorry For Shoplifting From A New Zealand Shop

Ocean Alley musician has apologized for shoplifting from a New Zealand Shop after the shop released the CCTV footage.

Ocean Alley keyboardist Lachlan Galbraith came under fire for shoplifting during the band’s tour in New Zealand. The keyboardist has publicly apologized after a shop shared CCTV footage of him committing the act.

Hunting and Fishing Queenstown shared footage on their Facebook and Instagram pages. It showed Galbraith placing a $17.95 drink bottle lid in his bag on New Year’s Eve. The band will play in Wellington this Wednesday and in Whangamatā on Friday.

Lachlan Galbraith has now apologized for the incident, calling his actions “foolish.” He said,

“Yesterday, in an act of complete foolishness, I stole a drink bottle lid from the Queenstown Hunting and Fishing store. It is a moment I am not proud of at all and one that I have deep regrets and remorse for. I have reached out to the team directly, and we have rectified the situation.”

“I am sorry for disappointing all of our fans, the team at the store, and, of course, the band. My actions do not reflect on how we carry ourselves as a band.”

The store removed the footage from their pages after the apology.

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