Of Fears, Hopes & Expectations: A Look Into RHODurban Stars Annie, Slee , Nonku & Sorisha

One thing that is assured for those who have sworn fidelity dor the reality show Real Housewives of Durban is that there will always be a drama of sorts and boredom would be very far away. This reality continues to play out with each episode of the reality show.

Known for her many controversies, Annie was it again during the last episode, slighting not just some viewers but also another cast member, Slee. Trouble started after Annie’s attempt to question Jojo about what she had told her about Slee previously/

Anyway, Slee had other preoccupations last episode including how she had to leave her kids in the care of her sister so that she could focus on her relationship with Amazulu boss Sandile Zungu. Her sister has been doing a great job, and for this she is grateful. But then there is that sporadic slap of guilt for not being present in their lives.

Sorisha Naidoo, who is married to the wealthy businessman Vivian Reddy gave some insight into what it is like to be married to a man like him. He is very busy, but she wants him to slow down and spend more time with the children. Well that might be possible after his business trip to Dubai

Nonku? She readily shared her fears, noting that her new man, Dumisani Nalazi, got her a car but she is not using it as she fears being controlled.

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