Official Petrol Price For April

Here’s how much you’ll have to pay for petrol this month.

The Department of Mineral Resources and Energy has announced the official price for petrol and diesel this month. Don’t worry, and it’s not bad news, especially for those who use diesel. According to the reports, starting this Wednesday, Wednesday, April 5, a litre of 50ppm diesel will decrease by 75 cents.

Also, the dirtier 500ppm will be 74 cents cheaper. Illuminating paraffin also sees a R1.24 per litre decrease. There is also a change in the price of petrol this month. The department announced that 93 Unleaded petrol would decrease by one cent per litre and 95 Unleaded will increase by two cents.

IOL reports that it simply means that “a litre of 95 octane will cost R22.32 at the coast and R22.97 inland, where 95 octane will now cost R22.64.” The whole price of diesel will reduce to R20.26 at the coast and R20.97 inland. However, retail prices will be higher than that.

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