Ohio Nightclub Gets Shut Down For COVID Violations After Trey Songz Performance

A nightclub in Ohio gets shutdown temporarily for COVID violations after a performance by Trey Songz.

While the world is still fight to keep lives safe in the midst of the pandemic, some have had no regard for the rules. A recent performance by RnB star, Trey Songz at a nightclub in Ohio led to many COVID violations by the club.

According to reports, the club (Aftermath Nightclub) hosted a show billed as “Champagne Saturdays” which featured a performance by Songz. The show was attended by over 500 people. After observations, the Ohio Investigative Unit reported that the dance floor, bar, stage and table sections were packed with mostly-maskless patrons who had no regard for social distancing.

NBC4 Columbus reports that the OIU revealed that they witnessed club goers drinking alcohol from the same bottle and passing it around. After securing an immediate temporary shutdown for health code violations, Columbus City Attorney, Zach Klein said on Monday that the club “broke every law and norm in place to protect against COVID”.

Klein’s office has also filed 6 violations against businesses who did not comply with pandemic restrictions. He also revealed that none of the violations were as bad as that of Aftermath on Saturday night.

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