Okmalumkoolkat Unviels The Making Of Bhlomington EP Documentary

Okmalumkoolkat releases "Making of Bhlomington" documentary

releases brand new documentary about the Making Of the Bhlomington .

Many weeks back, Mzansi rapper, gave fans an amazing that has kept him on our lips for a while now. Every one who heard the trap project loved every bit of it and definitely wanted more.

He must have guessed that we would want to know or maybe even see how it was made because he has now released a doc in that regard. He titles it the “Making of Bhlomington” documentary. It takes fans throwing the recording process and studio sessions, and the inspiration behind the songs of course.

On Friday, 17, the Mzansi star announced on social media that the documentary would premiere on his channel at exactly 7PM that day. It is actually entertaining so you would love it. That’s if you’re a fan of Okmalumkoolkat and you really liked the new EP. Check it out below.

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