Old Clip Of Young Emtee Leaves Mzansi Sad And Debating What Happened To Him

An old clip of South African rapper Emtee has just popped up online. Some of those who have seen the clip, and compared it with the current image of him, are heartbroken at the reality before them.

In the said clip which was shared by X use Muzi, Emtee could be seen in the company of A-reece and a lady, who was seemingly interviewing them. But Emtee was the one speaking when the clip was taken. He looked younger and indeed fresher.

The post claimed this was before Emtee started using drugs and lost his life and vibrancy in the same. While some tweeps agreed with him, some pointed out that what happened was mere biology: Emtee had grown older and his body had changed accordingly.

From the look of things, the video was taken when Emtee and A-Reece were still signed to Ambitiouz Entertainment – around 2015 or thereabouts. A-Reece had released the single “Couldn’t” in collaboration with Emtee while both were signed to Ambitiouz. You can check out the clip below.

Anyway, Emtee has continued to maintain that he has been clear and sober and has not been using drugs. He made this known recently, even asking for a drug test, when a troll disrespected him.

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