Old Video Of Diddy Denying 2Pac’s Murder Has Fans Reacting

Fans are reacting to an old “Breakfast Club” interview clip of Diddy denying Tupac’s murder. They’re calling for him to be locked up.

For decades, the world was left without an answer to the mysterious murder of one of Hip Hop’s most significant icons, Tupac Shakur. The police worked tirelessly, investigating the assassination that happened in 1996, and recently, all hands have pointed at fellow Hip Hop icon P Diddy.

Diddy has had an illustrious music career and successful businesses. He is one of Hip Hop’s wealthiest celebrities. An old interview of the rapper on Power 105.1 FM’s Breakfast Club has surfaced. In the 2016 video, Diddy was asked about his thoughts on a documentary that was made to uncover 2Pac’s murder, and the rapper said he had no interest in wasting his time on it.

He said, “Check this out, we don’t talk about things that are nonsense, we don’t even entertain nonsense, we’re not even gonna go there with all due respect.”

His comments in the interview have rubbed fans the wrong way. They commented their hopes that he gets locked up. bthesoloist wrote, “When a dude pats his head like that, you know he’s lying.” YaBoyMeek also reacted, “Lmfaooo n*gga sound and look guilty this, not helping his case!”

Watch the video here.

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