On His New Album, “Honestly, Nevermind,” Drake Makes Mention Of Uncle Waffles

South African DJ,Uncle Waffles, is well-known among Canadian rappers, including Drake. Uncle Waffles dancing to the hit tune ‘Adiwele’ started it all with a viral video. And the buzz surrounding Drake’s Instagram post expressing his love for Waffles doesn’t appear to be dying down.

Some fans on Twitter are claiming that Drake’s latest album, “Honestly, Nevermind”, has hidden messages for the female DJ. On Instagram, the “One Dance” crooner follows Uncle Waffles and has been seen commenting on Waffles’ Live stream. Lists of theories are circulating on Twitter right now.

Here’s what folks are saying on Twitter:

Prior to this most recent acknowledgement, the 6 god had given the South African DJ a shout out on his Instagram Story a few months back. Uncle Waffles performing her magic on the decks at one of her gigs was uploaded by the Canadian rapper, who has over 100 million followers on Instagram.

Uncle Waffles found out about it at the time and couldn’t contain her delight. She tweeted, “Drake just mentioned me on his story.” “I’ve been screaming for 10 minutes,” the DJ said in another post. He has also commented on Uncle Waffle’s Instagram Live video sometime in March.

He said, “Top DJ, top sound.” Uncle Waffles is widely believed to be Drake’s favorite female DJ in South Africa at the moment. Lucky her.

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