One Year After Assuming Post, Eskom Chair Mpho Makwana Steps Down

It seems just like yesterday, but a year has passed since Mpho Makwana assumed the spot as Eskom chairman. The latest news is that he is resigning his position – just after a year.

His resignation was announced by public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan, who also noted who would be replacing him as Eskom chair. Makwana would stick around until the end of this month. Thereafter, he would be replaced by another board member, Mteto Nyati, a former CEO at MTN.

Eskom, where Makwana called this hots for a year, is South Africa’s energy utility. Of recent, the company has faced massive criticisms from the people of sporadic load shedding, which has affected many businesses and even caused some of them to close.

It’s unclear exactly what impact Makwana’s exit would have on the public’s perception of the company and if it would actually lead to better service delivery from the energy behemoth.

All eyes are, understandably, on the power utility to see what happens after Nyati takes over at the end of the month. For a company that hasn’t had a full-time CEO for the past eight months, Eskom has managed to remain a subject of intense national discussion. Well, October will soon be over.

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