Open Legs For The Gram? Mixed Reactions Trail New Photo From Babes Wodumo

At this point, it is like one day one controversy for South African singer Babes Wodumo. The songstress found herself in the middle of another dram over the outfit she wore and how she sat in a picture she shared on her Instagram page.

In the said picture. she could be seen rocking bum shorts. She sat on the floor with her legs partly opened, giving fans a “dangerous” glimpse around her pubic region.

From the caption to her post, most fans were of the view that she wanted to pass a sexual message across, which also influenced their responses to her. In the caption, she noted in part: “What’s your favourite Tupperware?”

Only, there was no Tupperware in the pictures she shared – just an ambitious look into her pubic region. The post divided her fans along mostly two lines, those who saw nothing wrong with her action because, in their opinion, she is an artist and was just being creative, and those who found her action repugnant.

Those in the second category think she is too old for what she did, pointing out that she’s a mother and a widow and should carry herself as such and not sexualise herself.

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