Orania On Solar Energy Plan To Leave Eskom Grid

Orania set to leave Eskom grid after starting solar energy plan.

Mzansi has been battling blackouts for so long. Now, many cities are making alternative plans to rid themselves of this. Afrikaner-only town, Orania hopes to be independent of Eskom in the next five years as it rolls out a solar energy plan.

According to recent reports by News, the town has completed the first phase of its renewable energy plan. The plan generates more than 20 percent of the town’s electricity demands. The report also revealed that the town is already independent of its local Thembelihle Municipality.

In a statement, Spokesperson for the Orania Movement Joost Strydom said, “It was always part of the Orania plan to take care of our own community on as many levels as possible including something like electricity. So this is not something in reaction to the load shedding that we see now. However, we prioritise energy for our community now.” Business owners in the town hope the new plan would be beneficial to them.

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