Orlando Pirates midfielder Ndabayithethwa Ndlondlo’s R20K Lobola Rejected By His Baby Mama’s Family

Orlando Pirates midfielder Ndabayithethwa Ndlondlo’s R20k lobola was reportedly rejected by his baby mama’s family.

We all love you to hear about families coming together. It would have been great news for popular Orlando Pirates midfielder Ndabayithethwa Ndlondlo, who recently sent delegates to his baby mama’s family. Still, we hear they were chased out of their home.

Zimoja reports that the football star had plans to marry the mother of his kids, Kgaugelo Gulame. He sent trusted delegates to her family’s home with R20k as lobola, but the family rejected the amount because they expected R150k.

A source for the publication revealed that Ndlondlo was expecting a maximum of R40k at least but was stunned to hear that they requested R150k. The family felt insulted to be offered R20k as lobola.

The source said, “Because they were still coming back with more money. This was meant to be a deposit, as a sign of seriousness and commitment to pay lobola for Kgaugelo.”

Mzansi has reacted to the news and shared their thoughts. Some called the amount ridiculous and stated that lobola needed to be scrapped. @siyavuya wrote, “I find lobola unnecessary. We could’ve spent that money on us. Our new house and stuff.”

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