Oscar Mbo Announces “My Story” EP

is set to release a new project titled “My Story” EP. It would have been just another title, except that this one comes after he was accused of fraud.

So the title is intriguing, and many music lovers would want to hear what he’s recorded in the imminent project.

Oscar, a notable house DJ and producer, trended weeks ago after a show promoter claimed online that he paid the DJ for s show but he never showed up and refused to refund the payment.

Others have also shared similar experiences with the DJ. And soon enough, Oscar Mbo’s name was flying all over the place, criminality attached to it.

The show promoter who had made the initial claims against him shared screenshots to prove his claim. He soon updated the public, noting that had refunded the money.

Amid the crisis. had deactivated his Twitter, which many users thought amplified the scam case against him.

After all the storm, though, the Oscar is out an announcement of a new project dubbed “My Story.” He also released teasers from the imminent project which you can check out below.

You gotta stay tuned for the full EP. We’ll share it here.

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