Oscar Mbo Dragged For Alleged Booking Scam

House DJ and producer has had a blast of bad press recently, with some music promoters accusing him of scamming them.

Trouble started after a man who goes by the name DJ Archie claimed on that collected money for a gig but never showed up and refused to refund the payment.

Reacting to the claim, Oscar Mbo’s manager had claimed that the booking wasn’t made through her. However, the said promoter shared screenshots showing that the manager was actually privy to the deal.

When the controversy burst on Twitter, said nothing. However, with the case gaining traction and Oscar Mbo trending for his alleged misdeeds, the DJ had deactivated his account.

After DJ Archie’s post others who had allegedly been scammed the same way by the DJ came forward with similar claims and screenshots to back them up.

With Oscar Mbo disappearing from after the claims of his scamming people blew up, some people are already forming theories on what he might have done to others who may not have the courage to speak up and speak out. One Twitter user even claimed the DJ was a scammer who rebranded.

It remains to be seen what Oscar Mbo will say regarding this drama.

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