Oskido Is Doing Alot To Keep The Music Scene Afloat Amidst Coronavirus Outbreak

Oskido is determined to keep the music industry afloat.

South African DJ, Oskido, is determined to keep the music industry active despite the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. The spread of coronavirus has caused several people to take precautions by isolating at home.

Several tours and shows have also been cancelled in the entertainment industry due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Oskido aims at keeping the industry active by giving a live performance with some DJs. This will make fans feel thrilled and happy despite the fact that they are at home and unable to groove.

The talented DJ took to social media to share a video of the stage and things that are being set up.

He captioned the video:

Doing my part to keep people indoors, entertained and in high spirits. Making sure that the music industry stays afloat. Be safe at home and watch live performances from our upcoming streaming service.

Check out the video:

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