Oskido Show Off Major Break Dance Move In Celebration Of Fathers Day

What Oskido show off his dope break dance moves

Oskido burst major break moves to entertain his kids on Fathers’ day.

Wow, why wont we stan Oskido? There’s absolutely no reason not to. The talented Mzansi hit maker is all that we want in a star, and each day he keeps surprising us.

On Sunday, June 21, the world celebrated every doting father, and the veteran DJ was one of them. Well, he didn’t just take, he also gave a little. The Mzansi star took to Instagram to share a video of himself bursting a few moves to the delight of his kids.

He revealed he shut it down during the celebrations taking it back to the days and Ghetto Blast and Boombox just to entertain his kids. We’re sure they loved every bit of it because we did too.

The talented muso also shut it down with his set on MetroFM and 1’s #Get2Gether Experience earning himself a standing ovation from the crew.

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