Oskido’s Kalawa Jazmee Records Signs 3 Idols SA Finalist; Zama, Mr Music & Brandon Dhludhlu

After a sterling outing, Idols SA finalists Zama, Mr Music & Brandon Dhludhlu have found a home for their music. All three have been signed to the Kwaito veteran Oskido’s Kalawa Jazmee Records.

The letters of their contracts have not been made public. And it is doubtful they’ll ever be made public. But having signed the contract, the belief is that it is okay with them – at least in the interim.

Following the signing, Oskido has been in the vanguard of promoting the troika, online and off. He had shared teasers of the troika’s work and then informed the public of the official release.

Interestingly, all three artistes are trending on Apple music with their songs. is charting at No. 2 with his song “Ndikhethe Kahle,” is charting at No. 3 with “Ndizobizwa,” and Brandon Dhludhlu is charting at No. 4 with “Uhambe,” a collaborative work with the veteran musician Duncan.

With the three already charting on Apple Music, one can only imagine their career trajectories from here. With proper management, they all just might join South Africa’s singing aristocracy. Or what do you think?

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