Ouch! Uncle Vinny Got Slapped (Video)

Uncle Vinny got slapped during an altercation on his night out with friends.

We have all made peace with the fact that our faves will not all be treated as royalty by everyone. Some people would check them if they ever feel disrespected. Uncle Vinny is the latest celeb to get into a public altercation.

One of the most talked-about celeb altercations is that of Cassper and the late AKA, during which Cass got slapped. SA could not stop talking about that. Their feud allegedly continued until the rapper’s passing, but some say they respected each other behind the scenes.

This time, Mzansi singer and event host Uncle Vinny is in the news. The story is that Vinny got slapped while out with his female friends. Some say he was slapped by Primo during an argument between the two, and Vinny tried to retaliate. We don’t know the whole story, but clips of it have been going viral. Check them out below.

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