#OurPerfectWedding: Wedded Older Couple Leaves Mzansi Touched

An older couple wedded on the show “Our Perfect Wedding” has Mzansi in their feelings.

Viewers of the hit Mzansi show “Our Perfect Wedding” were left in their feelings after a recent episode of the show aired on Sunday night. The couple, Cyprain (68) and Gugu (54) have been in love for over 3 decades and finally got to tie the knot in a breathtaking ceremony.

According to them, the couple met over 30 years ago at the bus stop. At the time, Cyprain was 34 years old and Gugu was 18. He was in the company of a friend when he spotted Gugu who had just missed a bus. He revealed that he offered her lift. According to Gugu, they realized two days later “there was a connection between us. There was that spark between us every time our eyes met”.

Cyprain is quoted adding that she never said “no” to him when he pursued her. He, accompanied by his uncle introduced himself to her family. Gugu said; “My father liked him that very day, not knowing he was the one I would marry. He even said he wished to see the man who wanted to marry me,”. Sadly, she had to have surgery at some point for heart-related complications. Finally, the couple has been wedded on the show, and Mzansi is touched.

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