“Outspoken Owl” – AKA’s Mom Lynn Forbes Launching A New Podcast With Katie Mohamed

Podcasting appears to be the venture of choice for celebs these days, as it gives them a platform to air their thoughts and possibly help others. The latest to join the podcasting bandwagon is Lynn Forbes, the mother of the slain South African rapper AKA.

Lynn and her associate Katie Mohamed are launching a podcast called “Outspoken Owl” soon. The upcoming podcast will reportedly delve into issues affecting middle-aged women and how the women are navigating through life.

In a conversation with Zimoja, Lynn Forbes noted that she has stories to share that she feels will resonate with her audience. But then she and Katie are also out to learn from their audience as well, whether they relate with their shared experience or not.

For her part, Katie described the upcoming podcast as “unapologetic, opinionated, entertaining, enlightening and engaging.” Each episode, she says, focuses on women and issues relating to them

There is great expectation right now, especially among women, over the planned podcast. What impact Lynn and Katie make with their podcasting adventure is left to time. But if the interest the podcast has elicited so far is anything to go by, then “Outspoken Owl” will most likely become a big success.

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