Own Your Throne: Boity Refuses To Sing

Boity refuses to sign on the recent episode of "Boity: Own You Throne"

Boity is reluctant to show off her singing abilities on the recent episode of BET Africa’s “Boity: Own Your Throne”.

She may be the queen of the screens but she also gets cold feet like the most of us. Since Boity Thulo’s recent reality tv show began airing on BET Africa, her fans have gotten to see her in an unfiltered way. Truly, she’s got nothing to hide, and is as normal as the most of us. At least that’s what we see.

In a recent episode of her reality TV show, “Own Your Throne”, she is seen working on an upcoming song. Her producer then advices her to sing on the track saying it would take it to the next level but she refuses. She only raps on it and still refuses to sing. Fans see how much she doesn’t trust her singing abilities which could well be pretty dope.

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