Own Your Throne: Boity Thulo’s Dog, Asante Falls Ill

In the recent episode of 'Own Your Throne,' Boity's dog falls ill.

On Wednesday, the new episode of Own Your Throne saw Boity Thulo and her mother attending to her dog who suddenly fell ill.

On Wednesday, 26 February 2020, the latest episode of Boity Thulo’s reality show, Own Your Throne, which is being aired on BET Africa, saw Boity Thulo and her mother, Modiehi, rushing Boity’s dog, Asante, who suddenly fell ill to the hospital.

They were able to take Asante to a veterinarian, to ascertain her condition. The veterinarian assured them that Asante would recover rapidly from her illness.

Below is the preview of Own Your Throne’s newest episode:

Boity Thulo’s reality show, Own Your Throne, is greatly adored by her fans who are pleased to learn more about the multi-talented artist.

She has gained more popularity and admiration since she started to show viewers several aspects of her real life and the stages she had to pass through to become successful and notable in Mzansi.

Viewers, who are very captivated with her reality show, are requesting that it should be aired for long.

The popular TV personality and have, in turn, thanked her followers for appreciating and supporting her reality show.

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